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Looking for a relaxing way to take CBD? Look no further than High Kind (Cold-Pressed) CBD Drops! Our full spectrum drops can be used orally or added to edibles for a customizable experience. Available in strengths of 5% 500mg, 10% 1000mg, and 20% 2000mg, our unique blend of cannabinoids and Indica terpenes will help you unlock a new level of relaxation. Let go of stress and anxiousness with just a few drops, as the calming benefits are delivered directly to your Endocannabinoid System.

To get the most out of High Kind CBD Drops, we recommend starting with a 20mg dose orally 30 minutes before bedtime. If you need to, you can increase your dose up to 100mg. During the daytime, consume a 20mg dose every 4 hours for a calming effect. Discover a more balanced, relaxed version of yourself with High Kind CBD Drops!

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