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CBD/Cannabis-Derived Terpenes - 1ML - Garlic Cookies

CBD/Cannabis-Derived Terpenes - 1ML - Garlic Cookies

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Introducing Extractive's Garlic Cookies Cannabis-Derived Terpenes, the ultimate solution for elevating your cannabis experience. Our powerful and authentic terpenes are specially crafted to preserve all the sensitive aromatic molecules. Whether you're looking to enhance the taste and aroma of your vape cartridges, concentrates, or flower, our high-potency essential oils are the perfect choice. Indulge in the pungent and savory aroma of our Garlic Cookies terpenes, and take your cannabis experience to the next level. Elevate your senses with Extractive's premium cannabis-derived terpenes.

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A bit more about terpenes

Distilled from fresh cannabis flowers. A 100% pure uncut high terpene essential oil perfect for enhancing concentrates, cartridges and e-liquids. Our terpenes lower the viscosity while boosting flavour. Tested independently for purity and safety.

About the terpenes collection

With premium terpenes extracted using the most sustainable and innovative methods possible, our collection of elite terpenes are sure to take your hemp/cannabis products to the next level. Containing 0% THC, each terpene has been extracted using cutting edge distillation methods. Desperate to enhance your herbs, concentrates or vape cartridges? This collection will do just that and more with a massive assortment of distinctive and unique options.

How to use terpenes

Experience the versatility of our unique Extractive Terpene collection and enjoy your favourite profiles taken entirely from the hemp plant. These terpenes are perfect for adding to your CBD Concentrates or Distillate Vape Oils at a concentration of 4-10%. Edibles are another great way to sample those unique aromatherapeutic benefits and soothing aromas - simply add them to your edibles at a concentration of 0.5-1%. Terpenes can also be added to diffusers, which adds a new level of relaxation to your rooms. All you have to do is put a few drops into your diffusers and then spread through the room.