A Beautiful Science: How we create our extracts

A Beautiful Science: How we create our extracts

At HighKind, we’re entirely committed to offering the cleanest, most effective and highest quality CBD products on the market. To do this, using the best extraction methods is crucial. Recognised as non-toxic and safe (GRAS) by the FDA, sub and supercritical CO₂ extraction are the cleanest possible methods of botanical extraction. That’s why we use CO₂ extraction to create every one of our groundbreaking, terpene-rich CBD products.

The process

To start the whole process, the material is slowly dried using a low temperature decarboxylation process. In contrast to higher temperatures, this technique ensures that we preserve the highest amount of terpenes possible from the material. These terpenes are volatile molecules constantly trying to evaporate. A low temperature decarboxylation process ensures that we can contain as many of these terpenes as possible and keep our extract uniquely terpene-rich.

After this process is completed, our next step is putting our now aged CBD and hemp material into subcritical CO₂ extraction. This method is cold (the opposite of supercritical CO₂ extraction) and combines temperature and pressure to stop chlorophyll pick up and active terpenes escaping. The gorgeous golden CBD and terpene-rich hemp honey oil that we get in return is what makes the entire process worth it, despite the smaller yields.

As you know, our bodies are always producing CO₂ and the element is often found in decarbonated drinks. As CO₂ is a solvent, there are no toxins, hydrocarbon materials or heavy metals that come into contact with the oil. CO₂ itself only turns into a liquid when under intense pressure, which means that when this pressure is lifted after extraction, CO₂ evaporates into thin air. What’s left is a natural, clean and pure extraction that can’t be beaten.

The benefits

The benefits of CO₂ extraction are endless. With sustainability starting to come to the forefront of the modern world, we want to make sure we’re as environmentally friendly as possible, while still maintaining our unique quality. Here’s a few of the benefits that come with CO₂ extraction:

  • Pure and clean with zero toxins.
  • Our methods hold GRAS status.
  • No dangerous residues are left over.
  • Entirely antibacterial and free of impurities.
  • Extractions are available in substantial quantities.

Subcritical CO₂ extraction specifically also has many fantastic benefits. We are able to reuse and recover CO₂, extract substances in a completely natural way and make use of lower temperatures in order to extract more sensitive compounds. On top of all these benefits, the main advantage of our processes is an exquisite, premium quality.

Once we have completed our extraction process we begin the winterisation and distillation of these products, which further separates the best parts of the extract. These final stages enable us to make the purest and most potent CBD vape oils on the market.

Ultimately, our extraction methods have made us trailblazers in CBD extraction. HighKind is constantly striving to become more sustainable, more contemporary and more efficient, in order to deliver an unmatched CBD product you can rely on.

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