We launched Extractive in Jan 2024 as a place to go for the UK’s finest quality mushroom extracts, Shilajit resin and other powerful plant botanicals.

We have decades-long experience in botanical extraction and were a pioneer of the pure uncut hemp distillate vape cartridges which have been sold across Europe and the UK under a number of different reputable and trusted brands since 2016.

As an avid bio-hacker, I have always had a major interest in the health and wellness space and piqued an interest In legal functional mushrooms as they began to take off in 2022.  A bit like the hemp extract market when it first started, I noticed a lack of reliable information on mushroom powders and extracts, which encouraged me to enter the market and extend our extraction input material from hemp to mushrooms.  This is where our flagship product was born, pure mushroom extract resin, and it’s going to change the game in the UK mushroom market

We have been blown away so far by the feedback from our testers who have used different combinations of our mushroom resin extracts to modulate everything from, energy and focus, to sleep and relaxation.

On our website, expect to find some of the purest botanical extracts available.  If it’s potent,  resinous and highly effective, it will be available here.

The Extractive Team