A Closer Look at Terpenes: Limonene

A Closer Look at Terpenes: Limonene

Packed with aromatherapeutic benefits and a variety of flavour profiles, terpenes are a vital part of the CBD experience. Limonene is one of the most abundant naturally occurring terpenes in the world and is known for its remarkable health properties. With regular use, limonene could breathe new life into your physical and mental state.

Where is Limonene found?

As one of over 200 identified cannabis terpenes, limonene is a particularly common terpene found all across the natural world. Ever noticed that distinctive, fresh and pungent aroma that comes after peeling an orange? That’s limonene in its finest form. The terpene is extracted from the rind of oranges and other succulent citrus fruits. However, despite the citrusy profile, limonene can also be found in dill, caraway and mint.

What does Limonene taste like?

Unsurprisingly, limonene has a wonderfully refreshing taste and aroma. The citrus and fruity punch supplied by limonene can transform your CBD experience, especially if you use CBD extract taken 100% from the cannabis plant. Any citrusy CBD products will be enhanced by the terpene, including vape oils, concentrates and oral drops. If you’re looking for a revitalising citrus zest, limonene will be your go-to terpene.

How can Limonene help me?

All terpenes have properties that help with physical and mental health, but limonene could be especially beneficial when taken regularly. The terpene can help with reducing stress levels, alongside providing a better body balance in terms of your physical health.

Here are a few of our favourite HighKind CBD products that use limonene to its fullest.

Terpenes: Tangerine Dream

Where better place to start than with our tangerine dream delight? The sweet orange zest of these organic terpenes has the potential to add another dimension to your CBD experience. The limonene in this bottle will give your CBD products an enhanced boost by lowering viscosity and boosting flavour.

CBD Distillate Vape Oil: Forbidden Fruits

Expertly complemented by a tropical fruit taste, our forbidden fruits flavour profile accentuates the citrusy side of limonene. The CBD distillate vape oil offers an uncomplicated and accessible way to sample these botanical terpenes.

Oral Drops: Energise

Fed up with that constant drowsy feeling? Our energise oral drops give you a much-needed burst of energy to help you power through your day. Each drop contains the subtle citrus tang of limonene, expertly combined with other botanical terpenes, to give your mind the alertness it needs to function properly.

CBD Diamonds & Sauce: Hawaiian Haze

Diamonds & sauce is one of the newest members of the HighKind product range. Layered with a terpene-rich terpene sauce, limonene plays a huge role in our Hawaiian haze flavour profile. The limonene in Hawaiian haze is bursting with a citrusy tang and gives the CBD diamonds a powerful, but not overwhelming, enhancement.

With its wonderfully fresh, aromatic qualities, limonene truly takes CBD to another level of bliss. Keep an eye out for those citrusy limonene flavour profiles and you’ll enhance your CBD experience for good.

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