A Closer Look at Terpenes: Myrcene

A Closer Look at Terpenes: Myrcene

Terpenes are essential to the CBD experience. Without them, the effects of CBD diminish massively. That’s why our extraction methods ensure the whole cannabis plant is used to its full potential, taking 100% of the botanical, aromatherapeutic terpenes on offer. Myrcene, commonly known as the mother of terpenes, is the most abundant terpene in the cannabis plant and contains a number of remarkable mental and physical benefits.

Where is Myrcene found?

While there are hundreds of terpenes that can be found in the cannabis plant, myrcene is the most abundant. The terpene can also be found in a variety of herbs such as thyme and basil, as well as more luscious plants like lemongrass, eucalyptus and mango. Myrcene also contributes to that distinctive hoppy taste found in a nice cold pint.

What does Myrcene taste like?

Like all terpenes, myrcene has a very unique flavour profile. The terpene has a wonderfully earthy and musky aroma, that teases with a hint of spice. Myrcene also contributes to the mild sweetness of a lot of cannabis strains. If you’ve ever smelt that characteristic ‘funk’ smell in cannabis, you’ve probably sniffed some myrcene terpenes.

How can Myrcene help me?

Every terpene has its own characteristic properties and myrcene is no different. The terpene has been used for its abilities to soothe the mind and body for centuries. Many Mexicans use myrcene-rich lemongrass in herbal tea as a way to relax muscles and calm the mind. Consuming CBD products with high levels of myrcene could also assist with insomnia, due to the terpene’s sedative properties, helping you drift off to sleep much faster.

Here are our favourite HighKind CBD products that use myrcene to its fullest.

CBD Distillate Vape Oil: OG Kush

It doesn’t get more classic than OG Kush. This CBD distillate vape oil is the perfect way to pack your vape cartridges with the aromatherapeutic benefits of myrcene. The earthy flavour profile will add a whole lot of terpene-goodness to your vaporiser.

Terpenes: Sour Space Candy

Does your CBD vape need a bit of a boost? Our terpene bottles are the perfect way to level up your CBD vaping experience. Sour Space Candy, a blend dominated by the lemongrass aroma of myrcene, is the perfect place to start. Simply add the terpenes to your e-liquids, concentrates or cartridges and you’ll feel the myrcene effects in no time.

CBD Vape Cartridge: Hawaiian Haze

Our Hawaiian Haze profile will whisk you away to those sunny beaches from the first inhale. This vape cartridge is the perfect way to consume your CBD, especially when it’s packed with myrcene. The terpene provides Hawaiian Haze with its sweeter side, alongside pinene and guaiacum.

As the most abundant terpene in cannabis, myrcene really is the mother of terpenes. With its earthy flavour profile and sedative properties, an increase in myrcene could improve your CBD experience tenfold.

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