Caryophyllene: A terpene profile

Caryophyllene: A terpene profile

Terpenes are one of the cornerstones of any impressive CBD blend, and that’s why we use full-spectrum techniques to get the most natural goodness out of the hemp plant. Among others, Caryophyllene plays a big role in a variety of our flavour profiles – but what is Caryophyllene, how does it taste and can it help you?

Where can you find Caryophyllene?

As with other terpenes, Caryophyllene is abundant throughout the natural botanical world, providing certain species with a distinctive aroma and taste. The terpene is often found in herbs and spices, most notably basil, oregano and black pepper, as well as cinnamon. On top of these foods, the terpene is also very common in the cannabis plant, providing certain strains with a unique spicy warmth.

How does Caryophyllene taste?

If you like your foods with a bit of kick, then you’re going to have a taste for Caryophyllene. The terpene provides our flavour profiles with a spicy note, adding that extra oomph to certain combinations. Similarly to cinnamon, Caryophyllene also has a notable warmth that can be soothing, relaxing and comforting. The terpene displays hints of sweetness too, making Caryophyllene the perfect combination for our CBD.

How can Caryophyllene help me?

In contrast to other terpenes, Caryophyllene is able to connect directly with the endocannabinoid system and could have beneficial physical and mental effects. As Caryophyllene has a unique molecular structure when compared to other terpenes, it can bind to CB2 receptors in the brain. The result? Potential anti-inflammatory effects. These have been found in notable studies, including research in 2013 and 2014 when reductions in pain were observed after administering Caryophyllene. While there’s no doubt that more research needs to be done, the scientific research is undeniably promising.

Which HighKind CBD products contain Caryophyllene?

Caryophyllene pops up in a wide variety of our flavour profiles and plays an especially big role in our Artisan range. The uplifting properties of Pink Lemonade is a perfect example, supplying a rich blend of Caryophyllene with Myrcene, Humulene and others. On the other hand, Purple Punch combines a similar blend with a calming and soothing sensation; perfect for those days when you’re feeling stressed. If you’re looking for a centre, happy and relaxing CBD experience, the Caryophyllene packed Sour Space Candy delivers an authentic and aromatic mixture of flavours. It doesn’t stop there either! Our collections are bursting at the seams with botanical terpenes, including Caryophyllene, which are extracted using sustainable, full-spectrum techniques.

If you’re looking to make the most of the benefits of all-natural terpene blends, our CBD collection is perfect for you. Take a look through our online catalogue to find a blend suited to your tastes today.

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