CBD Chef: Five ways to cook with cannabidiol

CBD Chef: Five ways to cook with cannabidiol

Whether it’s vaping, crystals or crumble, the forms in which people enjoy CBD are always changing. With hundreds of recipes available, cooking with CBD can help mix up your intake and give you a relaxing dose at dinner time. If your food is missing that CBD edge, here’s a few delicious ideas to get you started.


Who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing smoothie on a hot summer’s day? With a few doses of uncut oil, you can enjoy the effects of your CBD alongside your favourite fruity flavours. CBD is especially effective as a post-workout refresher in a smoothie which can be consumed nice and quickly – helping you recover faster. Strawberry, mango or banana, it’s up to you!


Cookies infused with CBD can be a delightful treat when you’re in need of that unique pick-me-up. When making your cookies, we’d recommend blending your CBD oil with coconut oil, to help combine all the ingredients effectively. The end result is a delicious, sweet treat that supplies you with a long-lasting, sumptuous CBD experience.

Salad Dressing

Dressings are a simple way of adding that extra portion of CBD to a refreshing salad or sandwich. Heating up CBD oil too high can damage terpenes and result in a weaker blend, so dressings are perfect for mixing with CBD. It really is as easy as adding a few drops of oil into your favourite dressing, giving you a longer and more rewarding CBD sensation.

Pesto Pasta

A classic sauce from Genoa, CBD mixes deliciously with pesto sauce, making that weeknight spaghetti even more satisfying. This one is simple, easy to make and can be a great alternative to our other more snacky ideas. After blending your pesto ingredients, drizzle your CBD oil into the mix and slowly infuse the oil before adding seasoning. While CBD-infused pesto sauce is a HighKind favourite, have a look for other types of pasta sauces that suit your particular taste buds.


On your toast or on your steak, CBD-infused butter is another ideal way of introducing CBD into your snacks and meals. It’s easy to make too: lightly heat a portion of unsalted butter, mix it in with your favourite CBD oil and leave to cool for a beautiful buttery alternative.

Cooking food with CBD oil doesn’t only have major benefits to your health. Well cooked infusions can give you a longer lasting CBD experience, while also adding that special CBD element to your meals. From butter to smoothies, if these ideas don’t make you hungry we’re not sure what will.

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