CBD Christmas: A HighKind selection for the season

CBD Christmas: A HighKind selection for the season

Once again, Christmas is sneaking up on all of us. Instead of desperately rushing through online shops days before the big day, it’s always better to be a bit more prepared. That way you can give a gift that you’ve put some thought and time into. In our eyes, there’s nothing more potentially life-changing than wrapping up some premium CBD products and leaving them beneath the tree. Need some help getting started? We’ve created a special HighKind Christmas list of the best products to gift this year.


Adding terpenes to a vape can be incredibly rewarding. Extracted entirely from the hemp plant and providing a variety of aromatherapeutic benefits, our terpenes can transform the way you experience your vape. If you’ve got a friend or family member who loves vaping, getting them some terpenes can add another layer of enhancement to their experience. If you know what your friend’s tastes are, you can get even more specific! If they love their citrus, we’d recommend some Amnesia Haze. Need something more peppery? OG Kush is a perfect choice.

Oral Drops

For someone who’s intrigued by the CBD world, Oral Drops are an accessible way to get involved. Packed with a powerful mix of terpenes, our Oral Drops are easy to use and focus on different states of mind, which include Energise, Focus and Tranquil. If your friend is struggling with any of these, Oral Drops are an accessible way to get them back on the right track. Who could wish for anything more than that this Christmas?

Diamonds & Sauce

For the CBD connoisseur, concentrates are the ultimate way to experience all those aromatherapeutic benefits. Our newest product, Diamonds & Sauce, features CBD diamonds dripping in a terpene-rich sauce for an optimum and entirely unique way to take CBD. Concentrates are also great for those looking to make that next step up from Oral Drops or CBD vaping. Why not get them a dabbing set-up and make it an even more generous Christmas present this year?

Vape Pen Kits

For CBD rookies, Vape Pen Kits are the ideal way to get involved with the ever changing CBD world. Packed alongside a pre-filled CBD cartridge is a top of the range and easy to use vape pen. In terms of flavour profiles, the choice here is massive. We’ve got a luscious Kashmere pack or the fruity delight of Tangerine Dream! Our Vape Pen Kits are the perfect way to get someone started on their CBD journey this Christmas.

Extracted entirely from the hemp plant using clean and innovative methods, all of our CBD products prioritise quality. Whether your friend or family member has never experienced the therapeutic powers of CBD or they’re CBD enthusiasts, we’ve got high-quality products for everyone to find under the tree.

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