Introducing CBD crumble

Introducing CBD crumble

Highkind Cannabis Co® are proud to produce one of the tastiest and most effective legal, hemp-derived, full-spectrum CBD crumbles on the market today. Our high potency CBD crumble contains a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids, and is the first 100% legal winterised CBD crumble in the world to be infused with a variety of strain-specific terpene profiles to take the flavour profile to another level. Terpenes are a natural and legal way to enhance the therapeutic potential and overall health benefit’s of legal cannabinoid supplementation, through a well known mechanism called the “entourage” effect. The cannabinoid + terpenoid synergy.

The proprietary process used when manufacturing this CBD crumble leads to an extremely clean and super aromatic, terpene rich extract, which will melt and vaporise at temperatures of 190c and upwards. This extract, since it’s highly purified, will also blend extremely well into e-liquids, providing a far more flavourful and effective vape juice, than any 99% CBD isolate based liquid on the market today.

Our CBD crumble is totally legal and contains less than 0.1% THC which allows us to ship our products to many countries worldwide.

F.A.Q on our legal CBD concentrates

Q. How are your CBD crumbles best used?

A. Our CBD crumbles are used in the same manor as the crystalline CBD extracts. Best utilised in an inhalation device such as a concentrate vape pen or E-nail. These devices have a small heated chamber, where you can place the desired quantity of extract into, replace the mouthpiece, set your desired temperature, and inhale. They can also be added to e-liquids. Which is a very easy process. Simply add 200mg of CBD crumble to 5ml of propylene glycol (PG) until the extract dissolves (warming the mixture gently will speed up this process). Now you can add 5ml of vegetable glycerine(VG) and give the mixture a good shake. This will provide a reasonably potent and super hashy full spectrum CBD vape-juice.

Q. Why are CBD concentrates more expensive?

A. CBD crumbles and crystals have been put through complex,and somewhat expensive, extra refinement process to make them suitable for inhalation. This process is used to remove the polyunsaturated fatty acids/lipids, which are picked up during high-pressure Co2 extraction. These lipids, although they are super healthy to eat are NOT suitable for inhalation, which means they can’t be added to e-liquids, or dabbed/vaped alone. The extracts found at HighKind have also been enriched with rare terpene profiles, which can cost up 4 times the price of CBD alone, although the difference in quality is felt immediately.

Q. Is inhalation of CBD more effective then oral ingestion?

A. We believe there is room for both oral and inhalable CBD products. Both are effective at supplementing the diet and delivering healthy doses of CBD to the bloodstream. The main reason we focus on inhalation products is our love for this method of ingestion far exceeds that of popping a CBD capsule. There is something extremely enjoyable and super effective about the whole process of vaporisation, especially with the addition of super tasty and natural terpenes. As soon as those vapours hit the lungs they are absorbed immediately. With oral ingestion you have issues with the liver metabolising/destroying and altering the CBD molecule. In many cases an inhaled dose will need 1/5 of the dose required with oral. The difference usually balances out in cost, but there’s only 1 winner when it comes to the enjoyment factor

Q. Are terpenes legal?

A. Yes terpenes are legal, the terpenes we use in our products are found through nature in a multitude of different plant species. Terpenes are what give cannabis and hemp there unique flavour profile but provide zero psychoactive effects. Terpenes are not unique to cannabis (unlike cannabinoids). When terpene’s are extracted from the hemp or cannabis plant, the resulting essential oil does NOT contain any cannabinoids whatsoever. The cannabinoids do not carry over into the steam and resulting essential oil extract. The distillation process used to extract the terpenes has been used for centuries in the manufacturing of aromatherapy essential oils ie oregano, red mandarin or frankincense. All of our terpene profiles have been extracted in countries where it is legal to do so. And we can ship worldwide due to the total lack of any controlled substances.

Q. Are there any difference in effects across your huge range of different flavours?

A. There are subtle differences in the effects terpenes provide. Limonene and Caryophyllene being particularly good for anxiety when combined with CBD. Myrcene and Linalool being well known for having super relaxing almost sleep-inducing effects and the combination of alpha-pinene and limonene provides great focus, clear-headed effects. Great for exercise and daytime activities.

Please visit our store to view our range of premium CBD concentrates. Including CBD Crumbles & CBD crystals with terpenes.

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