CBD Dabbing 101: Everything you need to know

CBD Dabbing 101: Everything you need to know

Any cannabis enthusiast will most likely be versed in how dabbing works already. However, for those CBD vapers looking to take their experience to the next level, dabbing could be for you. Here’s a 101 guide for everything you need to know.
What is dabbing?

Dabbing CBD is the act of inhaling vapour created by heating up CBD concentrates, i.e. crumble, crystal, diamonds and sauce. It works by heating up the concentrate on a surface (also known as the nail) and then inhaling it through a mouthpiece attached to a number of pipes known as the dab rig.

Why should I dab CBD?

Dabbing CBD is the most effective way of enjoying the profound health benefits and the incredible world of complex flavours associated with CBD. This is because CBD concentrates contain a higher strength of CBD – our range of HighKind CBD Concentrates range from 70-95% CBD. We also use the most sophisticated methods to create our concentrates, which eliminates any impurities or additives – our concentrates are as pure as cannabis extracts get.

What concentrates are there?
CBD Crumble – our CBD Crumble is made from a CBD/CBG extract and infused with select terpenes to provide bold flavours and effects. It has a waxy, crumbly consistency and has approximately 80% CBD strength.
CBD Crystal – our CBD Crystal range is the most potent CBD product we make with a 95%+ cannabinoid strength. We only use premium cannabis extracts and extraction techniques to create this collection. CBD crystals have a harder, more crystalline consistency which shatters when pressure is applied.
CBD Diamonds & Sauce – A world’s first for the CBD industry, our Diamonds & Sauce are an incredible way to enjoy your CBD dabbing experience. CBD Diamonds start to form and crystallise into beautiful diamond like shards in the rich-terpene/cannabinoid sauce which is packed full of incredible natural terpene flavours and beneficial aromatherapeutic effects. This range has a 70% CBD strength but is known to have a very powerful entourage effect thanks to the high CBG/CBDv and terpene content of the “sauce” which makes it more noticeable and enjoyable then isolated CBD extracts.

How to dab

There are numerous electronic devices available for dabbing CBD, such as the Puffco, Storz and Bickel, Pax etc. However, the most popular method for most dabbers is still the classic ‘dab rig’, here’s how it works. (Please note the Highkind team are big fans of “cold-start” dabs)


What you’ll need:

  • Glass rig (a glass bong with a chamber, rig and mouthpiece)
  • Dab nail (usually a quartz glass banger to heat up and vaporise your concentrate)
  • Flame torch (a windproof lighter will also work)
  • Dab tool (a tool which helps with the process of picking up the cannabis concentrate from it’s container)
  • Dab cap or dome


  1. Fill your glass dab rig chamber with water.
  2. Add a small match head sized piece of CBD concentrate to the quartz nail.
  3. Place the dab cap on top of the quartz nail.
  4. Gently heat up your quartz nail from the bottom with your flame torch or lighter until you see the cbd concentrate melt and bubble.
  5. Inhale the vapour through your mouthpiece taking a long, slow and deep breath in. Lift the dab cap if preferred to allow more airflow and make it easier to inhale.
  6. Exhale and enjoy the wonderful effects and flavours of your CBD concentrate.

Top tip: Clean out your dab nail with a cotton bud or cloth and some alcohol after use to keep it clean and aid a pure CBD dabbing experience.

Final word

Dabbing CBD is an incredible new venture for anyone who enjoys the variety of flavours and effects that CBD has to offer. HighKind CBD Concentrates are amongst the purest and cleanest extracts in the UK. If you’re looking for a new CBD experience, follow our advice above.

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