CBD is hitting the market on a large scale

CBD is hitting the market on a large scale

Scents, flavours and health have always been the holy trinity for CBD enthusiasts. Now with deregulation, misconceptions dissolving and awareness growing, the world of CBD is quickly opening up to a much wider audience. With this larger audience, the market is becoming more and more creative with its use of terpenes and CBD.

From linalool to pinene, terpenes are what makes CBD click. These bountiful aromatic compounds can be found throughout the natural world and are what gives plants and herbs their scent. For instance, if you’ve ever peeled an orange, you’ll have encountered the citrusy zest of the terpene limonene.

HighKind is an example of a CBD company making the most of the remarkable possibilities surrounding terpenes. Our 100% hemp extract maintains all of those aromatherapeutic benefits and supplies our CBD with a full-range of natural scents and tastes. The health benefits behind these all-natural terpenes are undeniable and are a huge reason for CBD hitting the market on such a large scale.

The aromatherapeutic value of CBD terpenes can have a transformative effect on your day-to-day life. By ditching the psychoactive effects that come with THC, pure CBD can reduce stress, focus your mind and help you get a better night’s sleep without getting you ‘high’. This detachment from THC is a huge reason for CBD making the progress it has in today’s market. Looking to retain some of your focus? The all-natural, organic terpenes in our focus CBD paste will keep your eye on the prize for hours. Struggling to get some shut-eye?

You may have also noticed hemp leaf symbols popping up in your local supermarket or CBD dispensaries appearing in the high street. With deregulation becoming more and more widespread, CBD companies are letting their creativity loose. Moisturisers, drinks, coffees and chocolate are all hitting the high street with momentum.

At HighKind, diamonds and sauce is an example of this branching out. A world-first for the CBD industry, this concentrate is perfect for enthusiasts desperate to add some terpene-rich layers to their CBD experience. The diamonds and sauce range is only possible using our cutting edge, complex and intricate methods of production, delivering unparalleled CBD benefits.

The CBD market isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Deregulation and changing perceptions surrounding hemp are driving CBD products directly into the mainstream on a huge scale. One thing’s for sure – this is just the tip of the CBD iceberg.

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