Getting Started: How to transition from smoking to CBD vaping

Getting Started: How to transition from smoking to CBD vaping

Let’s be honest – quitting smoking is never easy. While giving up cold turkey may sound like the most obvious solution, studies have shown that only 5% of smokers who quit cold turkey succeed. Many smokers struggle to replace their habit with an alternative that doesn’t damage their health – that’s where CBD vaping comes in.

Can CBD really help you quit?

There’s no easy way out of a smoking habit, but CBD vaping can help steer you in the right direction. Don’t just take our word for it either – there have been a variety of studies through the years investigating CBD vaping’s ability to help addicts quit. This randomised, double-blind placebo study in 2013 discovered that smokers who used a CBD inhaler lowered their cigarette intake by an incredible 40%. Conversely, participants who were given a placebo saw no difference in the number of cigarettes they smoked. The evidence doesn’t stop there – a study in 2018 asked participants to go a night without tobacco, before being administered CBD or a placebo. The result? Those participants supplied with CBD were more likely to see their cravings lower when compared to those who took the placebo. Ultimately, CBD vaping could give you the helping hand you need to shake off that nicotine addiction.

If you’re looking to make that transition from smoking to CBD vaping extra smooth, here are some of our top tips:

Find your flavour

In contrast to the one-dimensional taste and smell of cigarettes, our CBD vaping collection is packed with a bountiful blend of all-natural terpenes to enjoy. Terpenes are what makes our CBD tick and are found naturally in nature and, most importantly, the cannabis plant. On top of that, terpenes can also have an impact on mood. Whether you’re after some energy or deep sleep, our profiles will help you get to your desired state of mind. For ex-smokers looking to transition into CBD vaping, we suggest picking our OG Kush profile, which has a calming and settling effect.

Keep your device prepped

Temptation is the Achilles heel of most ex-smokers trying to give up their habit. Whether your friends are smoking outside at the pub or you’re feeling particularly stressed at work, it’s important to accept that there will be obstacles to get over during your quitting journey. Keeping your vaping device prepped and ready to go at all times is a huge step, helping you reduce the chances of giving in to those daily temptations.

Always choose high-quality

Whether you’re a smoker or not, a top-quality CBD experience is sure to keep anyone satisfied. Our all-natural, full-spectrum CBD oil has been specifically crafted to provide a premium experience, with a variety of distinctive profiles. Thanks to our full-spectrum extraction techniques, we keep all the plant goodness in the cannabis plant and leave nothing behind. This results in vibrant terpenes and a whole host of beneficial effects.

CBD vaping provides you with a nicotine-free alternative, which can replace your unhealthy and potentially fatal smoking routine. Find a flavour profile perfect for you with a browse through our full-spectrum CBD vaping section!

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