HighKind 101: Our Ranges Explained

HighKind 101: Our Ranges Explained

HighKind is passionate about CBD and terpenes. The flavours and effects that these two incredible cannabis compounds can provide are truly special. We’ve spent years experimenting and developing our CBD products so that we can showcase the wide variety that this combination has to offer. Here’s a breakdown of our three HighKind ranges and what they mean for you.


If you’re new to the world of CBD and you’re interested in what it can offer, this range is the perfect place to start. This collection of products has been infused with hand-crafted botanical terpene blends which give off subtle, fruity flavours that are perfect for a newcomer or those that want a light cannabis flavour.

Single Origins

Our Single Origins collection is made for those that want a more authentic cannabis flavour. The terpenes that are used in this collection are 100% derived from high-grade CBD cannabis flowers. They have a richer and deeper flavour that is perfect for those that enjoy the aromatherapeutic effects of CBD extracts.

Limited Edition

Once you’ve discovered the wonders that CBD has to offer, you will want to try our Limited Edition range of CBD products. This collection was made for the connoisseur – the terpenes that we blend with the CBD extracts are derived from high-quality cannabis plants. The flavour of these products are intricate and have complex tasting notes that are simply stunning.

We put care and time into every one of our product ranges to provide you with a variety of CBD experiences. The research that we’ve conducted into different terpenes and their effects on flavour and aromatherapy have placed us as the leading specialists in the CBD market. Whether you’re looking for fruitier flavours, intricate tasting notes or rich, complex tastes – we’ve got everything you need.

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