HighKind Explains: What are Diamonds & Sauce?

HighKind Explains: What are Diamonds & Sauce?

If you’re looking to diversify the way you consume your CBD, it might be time to take a step up to CBD Concentrates. Concentrates offer a completely unique experience, with totally unique effects and enhanced flavours. Alongside CBD Crumble and CBD Crystal, Diamonds and Sauce is just one concentrate in our range. But what exactly are CBD Diamonds and Sauce?

What are CBD Concentrates?

More profound flavours and effects are key characteristics of CBD Concentrates. With high levels of CBD compared to other forms, our Concentrates only use the very best extracts and contain a variety of vibrant, all-natural terpenes. Our range of Concentrates also come in four forms: Crumble, Crystal, Pull N Snap and Diamonds and Sauce.

These forms of CBD are most suitable for those looking to take their experience to the next level and want something a bit different. Concentrates aren’t difficult to use either, so getting on board is a great next step for an intermediate.

How are CBD Diamonds and Sauce different?

So – how does CBD Diamonds and Sauce differ from the other forms of CBD available in the HighKind range? Firstly, Diamonds and Sauce are a totally unique phenomenon in the CBD industry. In terms of authentic concentrated extracts, it doesn’t get much better than this. To make Diamonds and Sauce, we take large CBD diamonds extracted using our full-spectrum methods and pour over our terpene-rich sauce. The result? An enhanced, full-flavour experience that isn’t matched anywhere else.

How do I use CBD Diamonds and Sauce?

CBD Diamonds and Sauce don’t have to be complicated to use either. If you have a dab pen, e-nail or dab rig, you can enjoy all the full effects without missing out on those unique flavours. All you have to do is add a small amount of your concentrate and sauce within your CBD device and inhale deeply for 10-15 seconds. After a few minutes, see how you feel and take another inhale if you need to. Remember – everybody is different, so you may require more or less to feel the full effects.

Whatever your personal tastes, our CBD Diamonds and Sauce range has got you covered. Most of your favourite flavour profiles are still here, included in the Artisan, Single Origins and Limited Edition ranges, all featuring the highest quality, natural cannabis extracts.

CBD Concentrates offer something a little different, containing all your favourite terpene-rich profiles. ​​Interested in getting a taste of Diamond and Sauce? Take a look through our range today and find something perfect for your tastes.

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