The Miracle Compound: Why we believe in CBD

The Miracle Compound: Why we believe in CBD

You will have heard about it in the news and seen it in health shops, but how much do you really believe in CBD? Some claim that it’s the miracle compound of the hemp plant and others reject it as being a mere health trend. Here’s why we believe in CBD and why we think you should too.

What is CBD?

CBD (scientific name, cannabidiol), is the second-most common compound of the cannabis plant. The most prevalent compound is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which famously gets you intoxicated i.e. ‘high’. However, the lesser-known compound CBD does not. So, what does it do?

How does CBD make you feel?

If you buy CBD with the intention of being hit by an overwhelming feeling of calm, you’ll end up being disappointed. Whilst it doesn’t carry any immediate or intense physical effects, CBD is thought to have a rebalancing effect that can help from a health perspective. Many users believe that it helps them to deal with feelings of worry, to sleep better and improve their general wellbeing.

Why does CBD work?

We believe that there is significant scientific evidence, which supports the theory that CBD reacts with the ECS (endocannabinoid system): a complex signalling system in your body that is thought to help you regulate numerous important bodily functions, including stress responses, sleeping patterns, digestion, immunity, memory recall, and the release of other hormones.

It is thought that CBD binds to the receptors within your endocannabinoid system and helps it send messages to other parts of the system to improve these processes. In other words, if you are a regular CBD user, your reaction to stress would be improved and you would feel more centred under pressure.

It’s important to emphasise that whilst we have personal experience of CBD working in this way and often have our customers relay this to us, the way that CBD works is yet to be officially recognised by a British Medical authority.

What CBD product is right for me?

CBD Vape Oil

For people that enjoy a more physical experience with their CBD, vape oil is definitely the way to go. Here at HighKind, we create some of the purest uncut oil in the industry with incredible flavour profiles and aromatherapeutic effects.

CBD Concentrates

These products are perfect for your cannabis enthusiast and CBD connoisseur. HighKind has three distinct concentrates – CBD crumble, CBD crystal and our CBD Diamonds and Sauce – the last being a world’s first for the CBD industry.

CBD Oral Drops

Our Oral Drops are ideal for believers in wellness and health supplements, providing great flavour and palpable effects. Trust us when we say that these are amongst the best CBD oral drops in the industry – we lab-test our oils for strength and profiles.

We believe that CBD is an incredible compound that can bring wellness to anyone. Whether you’re interested in the plant profiles and aromatherapeutic effects or the rebalancing effects on the mind and body, HighKind has something for everyone.

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