How CBD can help with stress & self-isolation

How CBD can help with stress & self-isolation

For anybody that suffers from stress, self-isolation is probably not doing you any favours. From the lack of social interaction to the physical restraints of lockdown, managing stress responses is that much harder at the moment. That’s why we think that using cannabinoid (CBD) products can help you now more than ever.

There is growing popularity around using CBD products as a way of managing stress levels. This is backed by numerous studies and scientific research, proving the benefits that CBD can have for anyone who experiences high levels of stress. Here’s how it works:

Your body has lots of different receptors that receive signals and then send a response through your body. An example of this is the receptors in your skin – when you touch something that’s extremely hot, your skin receptors receive this heat signal and trigger a response to move away from it.

CBD interacts with receptors that are found in your nervous systems and alters the response signals sent by them. One way that this helps to reduce anxiety is by increasing your serotonin intake.

As you probably know, serotonin is a hormone that has a massive effect on your moods and emotions – happy-go-lucky types will have an effective release of serotonin when they encounter stress, but anxious people, not so much. This is where CBD comes in.

CBD binds and activates your body’s 5-HT1A serotonin receptors, improving the intake and release of serotonin. In other words, it gives you the hormone which helps you to manage your response to stress.

The wonders that CBD has on stress are well-documented. There was one study conducted where a group of people that suffered from anxiety were asked to perform public speaking – the effective of walking the plank for most anxiety sufferers. The results showed that CBD helped to reduce and block their anxiety more than a dose of medication.

We know that you’re probably not planning on giving a public speech from your living room anytime soon but for those that suffer from general anxiety, CBD could really make a difference to your life. Whether you prefer a vape or you’re more interested in the more potent CBD concentrates, there’s plenty of methods to consume.

You shouldn’t ignore the effects that isolation and lockdown might be having on you – try CBD products and we’re sure you’ll feel your worry wash away in no time.

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