How CBD Vaping Can Help You Quit Nicotine

How CBD Vaping Can Help You Quit Nicotine

In recent years, CBD vaping has emerged as a viable alternative to smoking and comes without many of the health complications that cigarettes are known for. One of the most dangerous ingredients within cigarettes is nicotine, as it’s the stimulant drug that speeds up messages passing between your brain and body, ultimately leading to addiction.

But given that nicotine has consistently proven to be an extremely difficult ingredient for smokers to quit, we want to look at how CBD vaping can help you quit nicotine once and for all and maintain more sustainable habits that aren’t likely to lead to health issues later down the line.

Is vaping a good alternative to nicotine?

There are numerous published studies that have found that vapes and e-cigarettes are the most popular products for smokers to turn to when they’re quitting cigarettes. This is largely due to education and awareness, as governments around the world have ramped up efforts to reduce (and even eliminate) smoking within their populations. This has been achieved by a huge increase in the cost of cigarettes and successful campaigns on the dangers of cigarettes and encouraging people to quit, or consider alternatives.

As for alternatives, studies indicate that vaping CBD can be an effective way of giving up nicotine and the harmful practice of smoking cigarettes. The science shows that the endocannabinoid system within CBD can influence your body’s drug-seeking actions and behaviours before initiating the body’s reward mechanisms. Cannabidiol has the potential to modulate various neuronal circuits involved in addiction, which ultimately can free smokers from the nicotine addiction they’ve been struggling with, even if the habit has lasted a long period of time.

Why vaping, then?

The properties within CBD are what makes it a viable alternative to the nicotine found in cigarettes. So, why do you need to vape CBD oil? People who have smoked for years often rely on the other aspects of smoking cigarettes – the stress relief, the action of inhaling, and the opportunity to step outside – as much as the physiological effects of nicotine.

Vaping allows smokers to continue the ritual of smoking without going cold turkey; essentially a transition from cigarettes to something healthier. Vaping CBD allows smokers to head outside to experience the hit of smoking and all the stress-relieving aspects it brings without actually damaging their health and stoking their nicotine addiction.

What’s the best CBD oil for vaping to quit nicotine?

If you’re hoping to quit your smoking habit, we congratulate you! Everyone needs to start somewhere. And the good news about vaping CBD is that you have a huge variety of products to choose from. Our all-natural, full-spectrum CBD vape pens have been developed to provide you with a truly rewarding experience and will help you to put your days of smoking cigarettes behind you.

Begin your research by looking into our extensive CBD Vaping range today, where you will find top-quality vapes and a selection of delightful oils that will help you quit the nicotine and take your first steps towards a healthier future.

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