How does CBD make you feel?

How does CBD make you feel?

When most people hear about CBD, they’re sceptical. Often their minds will turn to cannabis and ideas of ‘getting high’. However, this is totally different from what a CBD experience is actually like. In reality, CBD is a much more gentle experience which can be used to help maintain a good balance in the body.

Does CBD get you high?

It’s important to get this point clear – CBD does not get you high.

People often get confused about this point as CBD comes from the cannabis plant, which is famously intoxicating. However, CBD is not the compound in the plant that makes people high – this compound is called THC.

THC and CBD have very different effects – one is intoxicating and the other is calming. This is one of the reasons that THC is illegal in the UK and CBD is not.

How does CBD make you feel?

So, what are the effects of CBD? This is pretty much the number one question of anyone who is interested in trying out this wellness ingredient. Well, the answer isn’t that simple.

When you buy high-quality CBD products, their effects will depend on their unique profile – providing a variety of sensations ranging from calming and relaxing, to an increase in focus or a revitalising boost of energy.

As important as the physical effects are, there are equally important benefits that are happening to your body which may go unnoticed.

You can think of this like being the difference between beer and kombucha – both are fermented drinks but beer brings you noticeable physical effects whilst kombucha provides numerous (and noticeable) benefits for the body.

At HighKind, the effects that you will experience will depend on the type of product you use and which of our collections they come from.

What kind of CBD products are available?

We offer a range of vaping and dabbing products (including, CBD Vape Oil and CBD Concentrates) as well as CBD Oral Drops and Pastes, which seem to be the most popular product for health stores.

Vaping and dabbing products tend to have the most immediate and apparent effects as it is the most effective way of absorbing CBD into your system. These are the ideal choice for people who are already vaping and for those that want a full CBD experience.

Oral CBD products are also effective ways of enjoying the health experience that CBD has to offer, however, the range of flavours are often limited in this product type. If you are taking CBD purely from a wellness perspective this product is for you.

What strength CBD should I use?

Lastly, you need to consider the quality and strength of the CBD product you are using. Most larger brands promoted in Holland & Barratt are too weak to have any noticeable effects or significant impacts on your wellbeing.

We would recommend a minimum strength of 500mg/5% CBD per product, but if you’re looking to use CBD to treat a specific issue, a strength of 2000mg/20% might be more suitable.

If you’re looking to take your first step into the world of CBD, or you want to explore it further, HighKind is a great choice for you. We have products that are great for beginners to have their first try of CBD and others that are complex enough to satisfy the most experienced CBD enthusiast. Get true quality CBD products with us today.

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