How elephants are using CBD to relax

How elephants are using CBD to relax

We all know how useful CBD is for calming and relaxing humans, but did you know that elephants are getting in on the act? A zoo in Poland is going to experiment with two anxious elephants, using CBD in an attempt to stop them fighting. Warsaw zoo is hoping to improve the mood of the elephants with cannabidiol and induce relaxing moods.

As intelligent animals, elephants can experience high levels of stress when moved to different enclosures, changes in the climate or their social environment. With these stresses comes physically antagonistic behaviour. CBD would be a fantastic, natural alternative to medication for elephants, which can contain uncomfortable side effects.

After dealing with the death of her mother, one of the elephants (Fredzia) was experiencing high levels of stress, discomfort and trauma. Elephants are very social animals, and this has led to a difficulty finding her position in the herd. Much like humans, it can sometimes take years for elephants to fully recover from the grieving process.

Unfortunately, Fredzia has been expressing this trauma by attempting to physically assert her position in the herd – notably against the other female elephant, Buba. This method is often called a ‘tough trunk mentality’ and can result in injuries and sometimes death. Buba, on the other hand, has been using more thoughtful and intelligent ways to climb the social ladder. This fascinating project is just another example of the remarkable qualities of CBD oil we still haven’t fully explored.

It’s important to note that CBD contains no hallucinogenic or psychoactive elements, which is one of CBDs big benefits. Fredzia has already been administered the oil and the other female elephant, Buba, is due to be given it soon. Experts are extremely excited to see the results of the experiment, especially considering how effective CBD oil is for humans. Tests have been done to great success with other animals already, including dogs, horses and various others. Unfortunately, we won’t see the results for at least a few months, so it will be a while before we see any concrete answers.

This is just another remarkable example of the universal benefits that come with CBD. As misconceptions are broken down and laws ease, CBD has the potential to transform the lives of humans and animals for the better.

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