How to take CBD oil

How to take CBD oil

When most people think of CBD, they’ll think of oil. This product is the shining star of the CBD market, which comes as no surprise – it’s an easy and flavourful way of enjoying everything that CBD has to offer. Here’s our lowdown on how to take CBD oil.

The basics

CBD oil is taken orally as it is a more effective way of intaking the effects of the cannabidiol and terpenes into your system. Simply use the pipette provided to release 2-10 drops to the tissue underneath your tongue and let it rest there for up to 5 minutes before swallowing. We recommend using CBD oil 2-3 times a day, depending on your dosage and CBD strength.

Explore your options

Many people will be surprised to find out that CBD oil has different effects – at least it does at HighKind. We have created three distinctive premium oils with different terpene blends and strengths (5, 10 and 20%) so you can enjoy the full spectrum of benefits that CBD has to offer.

We created this range for all the early-risers looking for a healthy boost to their energy. The citrus terpenes in this oil provide a stimulating effect that will leave you feeling bright and bubbly for the day.


This is an all-day kind of oil – it has a balanced blend of pinene terpenes that will sharpen your focus and give you the fuel to keep your day on track.


After a hard day’s work, our calming Tranquil CBD oil range has a soothing flavour of lavender and aromatic spice. The blend of terpenes in this oil provide a calming effect that’s perfect for settling into the evening.

Make it routine

The more regularly you take CBD, the more you will be able to benefit from its incredible array of effects. So, once you’ve picked your favourite HighKind CBD oil blend, it’s time to make them a part of your routine. The best way to make this happen is to attach your CBD oil usage with an activity you do every day – e.g. just after you’ve brushed your teeth in the morning and evening. Being consistent with your CBD usage is key to enjoying its effects.

CBD oil is a wonderful product that is perfect for anyone that’s looking to explore and enjoy the effects that this miracle compound can provide to your health and well-being. Follow our guide on how to take CBD oil and we’re sure you’ll discover that for yourself in no time!

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