Hemp CBD oils - what do I look out for?

Hemp CBD oils - what do I look out for?

There has been a huge boom in the UK CBD oil market, and quite rightly so, it’s a fantastic 100% legal cannabinoid and we are all hard wired to respond positively to phytocannabinoid supplementation. It’s great to see so many entrepreneurial companies popping up, with an aim in helping others and spreading the word on the healing potential of the cannabis sativa plant family, for everyone, young and old. The problem is they all have their own ways of describing their product which we have noticed, creates immense confusion for some new to the industry. For first time buyers it can be a total minefield, trying to get their head around all the talk of MG (milligrams), CBD concentration in %(percentages) and ML (millilitres). So we will try to clear up a few things here in layman’s terms, and the 3 most important things to look out for when buying CBD oil products in the UK.


Most companies with CBD hemp oil for sale in the UK make it tricky and very hard to work out how much CBD there is in milligrams(MG) in their products. The amount of CBD in milligrams is the most important thing to look out for. Don’t get to hung up on percentages when it comes to oral CBD tinctures, look at the price first and then the CBD content in MG. If they don’t list it, don’t buy it. Some sneaky manufacturers are wording there bottles with statements such as, 5000mg of (10% CBD oil or 10% FEHO), this would lead the average newcomer to believe the product contains 5000mg of cannabidiol(CBD) when really it contains 500mg(a big difference). Once you hunt out the CBD content in MG, you can then compare from one seller to the next who is giving you the best value CBD content for your hard earned money.


It’s important that you see an analysis of your product that has been done AFTER the hemp CBD extract has been formulated and blended with the CBD supplement manufacturer’s chosen carrier oil. Most CBD oil suppliers are using one of a handful of large co2 extraction facilities across Europe, using one(or a few)of the legally approved strains of low THC non-psychoactive cannabis, otherwise known as “HEMP”. These suppliers will provide a detailed and highly accurate laboratory analysis of the CBD hemp pastes they are selling. But it’s important that CBD manufacturers have their CBD products analysed once again AFTER they have been formulated into their CBD E-liquids, CBD tinctures and CBD cosmetics. Otherwise there is absolutely no way of guaranteeing the CBD content they have listed.


With the medical cannabis community starting to look deeper into the extreme importance of these little aromatic molecules, it’s becoming clear, CBD or THC alone, purified and without terpenes is…. not so effective. High quality Co2 hemp extracts rich in CBD tend to be void of the pleasant smelling medicinal “monoterpenes” such as alpha-pinene, d-limonene, linalool and myrcene, and mainly have an abundance of terpene’s known as “sesquiterpenes” such as beta-caryophyllene and humulene. Beta-caryophyllene is a plant terpene capable of working on the endo-cannabinoid systems CB2 receptors, it’s a fantastically healthy addition to the diet of anyone, with or without cannabinoids, and is also found in black pepper(piper nigrum) as well as many other plant’s throughout nature. The problem we find is that terpenes behave similar to a pure alcohol, and tend to completely evaporate slowly when left out at room temperature, or extremely quickly when exposed to moderate to high temperatures. High temperatures are fundamentally important in converting CBD in its acid form “CBDA” to its not acid form“CBD”, so the CBD molecule can lock onto our endocannabinoid systems receptors and work their magic. So again it’s vital for the CBD oil extracts to have terpenes to be effective, so if you want the best quality CBD oil in the UK make sure the manufacturer has either processed the oils at low temperatures or reintroduced monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes after the product has been decarboxylated. Not only will this increase the flavour, but also the effectiveness. Here at CBD Highkind HQ we like to say. Flavourful = powerful.

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