Major win for CBD in highest court ruling

Major win for CBD in highest court ruling

In what is a huge win for the CBD industry, the EU’s highest court has ruled that the compound is not a narcotic. The European Court of Justice determined last month that CBD “does not appear to have any psychotropic effect or any harmful effect on human health”. Fortunately, this common sense ruling will have a profound positive effect on the CBD industry.

This unprecedented ruling has sent shockwaves through many European countries who have been attempting to restrict the sale of CBD for decades. The case in question was in relation to KanaVape – a French company that exports CBD oil extracted from the entire hemp plant. French law dictates that only fibre and seeds can be used for commercial use, which doesn’t include the flower. The court stated that the French law violated EU law in regards to the free movement of goods.

The court wrote “The national court must assess available scientific data in order to make sure that the real risk to public health alleged does not appear to be based on purely hypothetical considerations. A decision to prohibit the marketing of CBD, which indeed constitutes the most restrictive obstacle to trade in products lawfully manufactured and marketed in other member states, can be adopted only if that risk appears sufficiently established.”

The court also mentioned that French law contradicted itself by legalising synthetic CBD, which holds similar properties without using the entire hemp plant.

The path to this ruling has looked almost inevitable in recent years. A well-known study in the European Journal of Pain indicated that CBD, when applied to skin, is able to squash arthritic pain. This is on top of the other mental effects that CBD helps with, including anxiety and depression.

With the interest in CBD only ever increasing (and for good reason), this ruling is a sigh of relief for those who rely on their daily dose of CBD. Misconceptions about hemp and CBD still run rampant through society, which in turn discourages people experiencing the remarkable and life changing benefits. Thankfully, this ruling is a step in the right direction. The path forward is looking bright for CBD, so have a browse through our remarkable range of oils, concentrates and vape cartridges for a taste of the miracle compound.

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