Once a Day, Every Day: How to stay consistent with your CBD routine

Once a Day, Every Day: How to stay consistent with your CBD routine

CBD has the ability to soothe your mind and help you unwind when you’re feeling stressed, without the psychoactive properties that come with THC. However, with a hectic lifestyle, it can be all too easy to be inconsistent with your consumption. A routine can help to enhance the calming effects of CBD while ensuring you reduce anxiety on a daily basis. Here are some of our own top tips on staying consistent with your CBD routine.

Determine your goals

Before you start using CBD consistently, it’s worth sitting down and considering why you’re using CBD in the first place. Is it to inhibit the effects of anxiety? Or are you struggling to drift away to sleep each night? You may even be using CBD vapes to help you quit cigarettes. Whatever it is – considering why you’re wanting to use CBD will help you build a more consistent routine over the long term. For instance, if your stress tends to bubble up during the workday, that may be the best time to use your CBD. Nobody’s the same, but taking some time to think about your CBD routine will work for everybody.

Set up reminders

Reminders are a great way to keep on top of your CBD intake without skipping any days. Whether they’re on your phone or in a calendar, the result is the maximisation of the potential effects of CBD over the long term. It may also help to blend your intake in with another of your daily habits, such as brushing your teeth. In fact, researchers state that a habit takes around 21 days to form, so your consumption will be second nature before too long!

Experiment with different profiles

When you stick with the same profile for more than a few weeks, things can start to get a bit samey. Mixing things up with a new flavour profile will help you stay consistent with your routine and keep things interesting. With such a wide variety of flavour profiles throughout the site, there’s plenty of choice for all taste preferences on the HighKind site. If you fancy the gentle, comforting aromas of lavender, our Blue Lavendar profile is a perfect choice. Those looking for an energising zesty tang from their CBD will love our Tangerine Dream profile – packed with a range of aromatherapeutic terpenes.

Find a CBD form that suits you

As well as a range of flavour profiles, CBD also comes in a variety of forms. Figuring out which way you like to consume CBD is a big part of keeping your routine consistent. For beginners, we recommend sticking with CBD vapes, as they’re simple and smooth to use. If you’re looking to take another step up, intermediates and experts tend to choose CBD Concentrates. These forms of CBD come in the same flavour profiles, but are split between CBD Crystal, Crumble and Diamonds and Sauce. Experimenting with these different CBD Concentrates is a great way to find out which form of CBD suits you best.

There’s no doubt about it – maximising the effects of CBD and a solid, consistent routine go hand in hand. Want to take your first steps into the world of CBD? Take a look through our collection of CBD products today – all extracted using sustainable, full-spectrum techniques that provide a vast variety of terpenes.

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