Our tips for a healthy night's sleep

Our tips for a healthy night's sleep

The importance of getting a good night’s sleep can’t be underestimated – the benefits for your mental and physical health range from improving concentration to reducing the risk of disease. To help you get your forty winks, we’ve put together our tips for a healthy night’s sleep.

No screens before bed

Being exposed to light during the day is proven to help your circadian rhythm (i.e. your natural body clock) to keep in time. However, exposure at night has the opposite effect. The biggest culprit for this is spending time on screens. It’s alright to unwind on your phone or in front of the telly in the early evening, but make sure you give yourself a couple of hours free from screens before bed.

Write down a thoughts list

It can be difficult to get yourself into a sleepy state when you’ve got a thousand things going around your head. A good way to offload your thoughts before bed is to write down a list of everything and anything on your mind. Putting your thoughts onto paper can help you to process them more clearly and enable you to let go before getting a good night’s sleep.

Replace midnight snacks with tea

Eating late can affect the quality of your sleep and the natural release of chemicals and hormones that help you to fall asleep in the first place. Try to replace your late-night snack with a cup of herbal tea instead. Lavender and valerian root tea have been proven to induce a calming effect that helps you to sleep.

Get good exercise

Getting enough exercise during the day is vital to all aspects of your health, including your sleeping patterns. Try going for a run before work or taking a long walk at lunchtime and you’ll be sure to feel the effects when your head hits the pillow.

Take CBD in the evening

Feeling anxious is one of the main things that people identify as keeping them awake at night. CBD has been proven to reduce anxiety levels by binding to the receptors in your brain that release positive hormones and chemicals. We recommend taking a CBD oil dose a couple of hours before bed or try puffing on a CBD vape pen – you’ll notice considerable reductions in your anxiety and get off to a peaceful sleep.

Sleep is absolutely crucial to being healthy, so it’s important that you take your bedtime routine seriously. Follow our tips and we’re sure you’ll be getting plenty of healthy, quality sleep in no time.

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