Purple Double OG: The Perfect Nighttime strain at the End of a Tough Day

Purple Double OG: The Perfect Nighttime strain at the End of a Tough Day

Purple OG is a potent indica dominant strain that’s perfect for nighttime use. It was developed by crossing OG Kush and Purple Kush, two strains with different strengths and characteristics.

The name of this strain comes from the lovely dark purple calyxes most phenotypes possess. This deep, rich color melds with a gorgeous forest green to create an envy-inducing aesthetic – it’s no wonder that all who see are struck by its beauty!

Purple OG has an incredibly calming effect which makes it a great choice after a long day when you just want to relax. This strain offers strong relief without being sedative or leaving you feeling “out of it” like some other Indicas. In fact, many people say they feel energized after using this cannabis strain!

Because of its rich purple coloring, the name Purple OG is a homage to another popular purple strain, Granddaddy Purple.The aroma of this strain is earthy and sweet while the flavor has notes of grape and pungent herbs. The effects typically last for 1-2 hours after which you might feel a gentle sedation set in.

What causes cannabis strains to go Purple?

Purple Indica strains are a phenotype that is characterized by the variety of purple shades and hues they produce. It is caused by a recessive gene that’s responsible for the production of anthocyanin, which produces blue and purple pigments.

Purple cannabis strains were first discovered in the late 1970s and made popular in the 1990s due to their unique beautiful and vivid color variations. While all cannabis strains can turn purple if exposed to cold conditions, there are certain varieties that produce this unique phenotype more frequently than others.

Most popular Purple cannabis strains?

Since the 1970s Purple cannabis strains have been very popular. Purple Urkle has been one of the most popular Purple cannabis strains for decades. Mendocino Purps, Purple OG, Purple Kush, Purple Haze and Granddaddy Purple are also very popular Purple strains. All part of the purple craze that erupted in California and further up the west coast decades ago.

What does Purple OG smell like?

Purple OG is very popular among terpene lovers and it’s easy to see why. The smell is also very pronounced and it comes off as smelling earthy with notes of sweet fruit like berries or grapes. A very noticeable clean crisp flavor is what sets this strain apart from the rest, giving off notes of earthy sweet grapes or berries.

Benefits of using this cannabis strain.

The benefits of Purple OG are numerous. It provides a relaxing effect that’s ideal for nighttime use. The terpene profile in particular relaxes the muscles. It’s the perfect evening or nighttime vape to relax after a long day.

Purple OG is a potent Indica dominant strain that offers numerous benefits, including providing relief from muscle tension and pain. The perfect nighttime smoke to relieve stress after a long day or before bedtime. If you’re looking for an easy way to de-stress at night and get quality sleep, we encourage you give Purple OG a try tonight!

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