Terpene infused CBD crystal vs CBD crumble

Terpene infused CBD crystal vs CBD crumble

Since the team of terpene experts here at Highkind Cannabis Co® were the first to pioneer and introduce terpene infused CBD crystals and crumbles to the UK and European CBD marketplace, we would like to take the time to clarify and answer some questions that keep popping up with a simple F.A.Q for 2 of the most common questions.

We originally launched our terpene infused CBD crystals back in February 2016, originally steam distilling fruits such as red mandarin, grapefruit and lime which produced a very aromatic, terpene-rich essential oil. Although these terpene essential oils offered a dominant and enjoyable flavour when combined with CBD isolate(due to the terpene content of between 85-95%) it was in some ways overpowering and tended to crackle during vaporisation or dabbing due to the impurities picked up from the fruits. We then decided to move our steam distillation department to Spain where we started to run some legendary strains through the same equipment which offered an extremely complex and clean cannabis essential oil, which tasted incredible, no burning, no crackling. Just pure clean flavours and added entourage effects. We were onto a winner.

Upon launching our terpene infused CBD crystals we couldn’t keep up with demand. The current vaping/dabbing CBD market was either stuck using the tasteless and odourless 99% isolated CBD crystal (which was completely void of any terpenes, flavonoids and other trace cannabinoids) or really bad tasting lipid-rich full-spectrum extracts which would clog up dab pen atomisers leaving behind a gunked up foul-tasting residue.

We knew the terpene infused CBD crystals we were making were therapeutic and enjoyable but our main goal has always, always been to release a legal very low THC but still full-spectrum CBD shatter extract to the public, which happened eventually in December 2016. Needless to say this hashy aromatic and super healthy and super-concentrated extract totally took over the terpene infused CBD crystal sales…and for GOOD reason. We will continue to keep supplying some of our terpene infused CBD crystals as there is some demand there.

Anyway, onto the F.A.Q starting with the 2 most commonly asked…

Q. Whats the difference between your terpene infused CBD crystals and terpene infused CBD crumbles?

A. The CBD crumble is superior therapeutically due to the full spectrum nature of the extract. The extract also contains other cannabinoids like CBG, CBC and CBDv, as well as many flavonoids i.e Apigenin. The full spectrum crumble also carries an unmistakable hashy flavour that will remind you of the plant in question. Whereas crystalline CBD extracts are odourless, tasteless and colourless.

Q. What exactly does “Full-spectrum” mean?

A. Full spectrum is a term used to describe an extract with many different compounds which work together synergistically. Even though the extract is pretty much void of THC, it’s still full-spectrum in that, it is a whole plant extract rich in many different beneficial constituents such as cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and nitrogenous compounds. Isolated CBD(even with cannabis terpenes reintroduced) doesn’t come close to the overall health benefits of this type of extract through many different biological mechanisms which happen inside of our bodies. An example of such is the flavonoid apigenin which directly inhibits the CYP2C9 liver enzyme which destroys and removes cannabinoids such as CBD from the bloodstream. If a “full spectrum” CBD extract contains this flavonoid you will have more CBD passing freely in systematic circulation and a much longer-lasting effect. These types of flavonoid are completely removed (along with everything else) in the process of making CBD isolate.

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