Terpene infused CBD crystals vs Terpene infused full spectrum CBD crumble

Terpene infused CBD crystals vs Terpene infused full spectrum CBD crumble

As the first company to pioneer and introduce terpene-infused solid CBD concentrates to the UK and European CBD marketplace, Highkind Cannabis Co® would like to answer two of the most common questions.

Initially, we steam-distilled fruits such as red mandarin, grapefruit and lime, producing a very aromatic, terpene-rich essential oil. Although these mixtures offered a dominant and enjoyable flavour when combined with CBD isolate (due to the terpene content of between 85-95%), it was overpowering sometimes. Furthermore, it often crackled during vaporisation or dabbing due to impurities from the fruits. Our company later moved its steam distillation department to Spain, where we ran legendary strains through the same equipment. This produced an extremely complex, clean and great-tasting cannabis essential oil – no burning or crackling. We found nothing but pure, clean flavours and added entourage effects. This was a winner.

We originally launched our terpene infused CBD crystals in February 2016

Upon launching our terpene-infused CBD crystals, we couldn’t keep up with demand. The current vaping/dabbing CBD market was primarily using two types of products. The first was tasteless and odourless 99% isolated CBD crystal, devoid of any terpenes, flavonoids or other trace cannabinoids. The other option involved bad-tasting, lipid-rich, full-spectrum extracts, which would clog up dab pen atomisers and leave behind a gunked-up foul tasting residue. We knew our terpene-infused CBD crystals were therapeutic and enjoyable, but our main goal has always been to release a Zero THC but still full spectrum CBD shatter extract to the public – something we accomplished in December 2016. Needless to say, this hashy, healthy, aromatic and super-concentrated extract soon dominated terpene- infused CBD crystal sales – and for good reason. We will always continue to supply our terpene-infused CBD crystals as long as there is still an increasing demand for them. Thankfully, this is still the case, so we must be doing something right!

The Two Most Common Questions
1. What’s the difference between your terpene-infused CBD crystals and terpene-infused CBD crumbles?

Answer: The CBD crumble provides greater therapeutic benefits due to the full-spectrum nature of the extract. Specifically, the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes acts together, increasing the product’s potency thanks to the “entourage effect”. Some of these cannabinoids are CBG, CBC and CBDv, in addition to many flavonoids (i.e Apigenin). The full spectrum crumble also carries an unmistakable “hashy” flavour, similar to the actual plant. Crystal CBD extracts, on the other hand, are odourless, tasteless and colourless.

2. What exactly does “Full-spectrum” mean?

Answer: “Full-spectrum” is a term used to describe an extract with many different compounds; these which work together synergistically. Even though the extract is devoid of THC, it’s still full-spectrum. THC or not, the product is still a whole plant extract, rich in many different beneficial cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and nitrogenous compounds. Isolated CBD (even with cannabis terpenes reintroduced) won’t provide the same health benefits. The presence of these compounds is what works best with our bodies’ endocannabinoid system – the mechanism responsible for detecting and triggering the health benefits of CBD. For example, the flavonoid apigenin directly inhibits the CYP2C9 liver enzyme. This enzyme destroys and removes cannabinoids, such as CBD, from the bloodstream. If a “full spectrum” CBD extract contains this flavonoid, more CBD will pass freely in systematic circulation. Consequently, this leads to a much longer-lasting effect.

These types of flavonoids are completely removed (along with everything else) in the process of making CBD isolate. This severely reduces the extract’s potency, resulting in a sub-par experience.

You can browse our CBD Crumble here, our CBD Crystal here and our CBD Distillate here

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