The Best of the Best: Why Our Full-Spectrum CBD is Different from the Rest

The Best of the Best: Why Our Full-Spectrum CBD is Different from the Rest

It’s no secret that CBD products have become incredibly popular in recent times. At High Kind, we bring you a brand of world-class CBD products that have been refined to perfection. But how do we do it? Let’s find out what makes High Kind CBD products so unique and stand out among the other brands on the market.

Our products are contaminant and fertiliser free

A lot of love goes into the preparation of High Kind CBD products. While other CBD companies use flowers that are high in chemical fertilisers and full of contaminants, we don’t. In fact, our products are flushed three weeks before harvest, to ensure they’re completely free of contaminants. We want you to enjoy the natural flavours and benefits of CBD, not a modified version.

We use premium-quality organic flowers

Following on from the previous point, all of our CBD products are made from the finest quality, organic flowers. We specifically use AAA grade female cannabis flowers to refine and create our range of CBD products. Our selection process ensures we only deal with the best quality flowers available, and we wouldn’t dream of using a substandard plant to create our CBD range.

We extract using CO2

There are multiple ways of extracting CBD from the cannabis plant, including solvent, olive oil, and steam distillation. At High Kind, we extract using CO2, which is the most efficient and reliable extraction method. The process ensures the material within the hemp plant is broken down, which causes the oil to separate. Following this process, we’re able to produce consistently high-concentration CBD products with no toxic or residue leftover.

We add terpenes to enhance flavour

Lots of CBD companies make the mistake of removing terpenes from their extracts. At High Kind, terpenes are nothing short of essential when it comes to developing products that are enjoyable and beneficial. Our natural, full-spectrum techniques enable us to extract all of the goodness of terpenes from the plant, which results in more delightful flavours for you to try. Our current range boasts twenty different terpene profiles for our customers to enjoy.

We create unique and exotic CBD flavours

Something that keeps our customers coming back is the huge range of CBD flavours that we produce. The likes of Hawaiian Haze, Pineapple Muffins, and Purple Double OG are particularly popular and flavoursome. Each strain is expertly crafted to provide a unique and nourishing taste profile that you simply won’t find anywhere else. We love harnessing the power of terpenes to create exotic and inspired CBD products!

Ready to try the best CBD products out there?

At High Kind, we take the quality of CBD products seriously. A lot of effort goes into sourcing, refining, and creating the most exquisite CBD products, and we invite you to try our delicious concentrates and terpenes today. Have a look through our collection of CBD concentrates to find the perfect CBD option for your taste profile.

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