Your Daily CBD Routine

Your Daily CBD Routine

You’ve heard about CBD. Perhaps you’re even taking it already. But you’re still not sure how to use it, in what quantities and at what times of the day.

That’s where this post can help. In it, you’ll learn the best CBD routine for you, why it’s critical to stick to regular dosages, and how you can track how you feel. You’ll also find out why vaping is a great way to add CBD to your routine.

CBD Timing

Let’s begin with a caveat: there’s no proven best time of the day to take CBD. In fact, when you take it depends considerably on your goals.

If you want to use CBD as a way to prepare for a long day, then you might take it in the morning. According to an article published in the journal, Neurotherapeutics, cannabidiol is a “potential treatment for anxiety disorders.” Thus, some people use it to promote a sense of calmness before a stressful day at work.

Others use CBD at the end of the day. According to a 2019 paper published in The Permanente Journal, “evidence points to a calming effect for CBD in the central nervous system,” provoking many users to take it before they go to bed.

You can also take CBD throughout the day, depending on your needs. For instance, using CBD products before a workout can provide you with a wellness-boost to help you complete a session. You could also snack on it throughout the day, perhaps by vaping (something that we discuss in more detail below).

Why You Should Stick To A Routine

While you can be fairly liberal with when you take CBD intake, once you settle on a routine, you must follow it religiously. For instance, if you decide to take CBD in the morning, be sure that you consistently apply that approach. Don’t chop and change.

Sticking to a routine is critical because:

    • It allows you to keep track of dosage: While safety studies suggest that most people tolerate high doses of CBD well, ideally you want to settle on the dosage that’s right for you. Taking too little could deprive you of the wellness benefits of cannabidiol, while getting too much might mean that you’re wasting your supplies.
  • It lets you see how you feel: Sticking to a consistent routine also lets you track how you feel on various regimes. For instance, you might start on 20 mg of HighKind CBD per day and then use that as a baseline to compare how you feel on, say, 40 mg per day.

In general, CBD is remarkably well tolerated. Many CBD studies have given participants more than 100 mg per day, and some have gone as high as 600 mg per day. Please note, though, that high doses of CBD greater than 500 mg per day may cause cases of mild nausea.

The Importance Of Taking CBD Consistently

When you first take CBD, you may wonder what all the fuss is about. It doesn’t give you that immediately “shot in the arm” like caffeine.

However, CBD is a compound for people who want to play the long game. It exerts its greatest effects on your system over several weeks, with users reporting more and more satisfaction the longer they use it.

Furthermore, those who take CBD every day report the maximum benefits (as opposed to those who take it every few days), highlighting the need to stick with a routine (no matter what it is) long-term.

The Best Ways To Include CBD Into Your Routine

The best ways to include CBD into your routine depends very much on you and your preferences. Traditionally, people used oil tinctures to get cannabidiol into the body. However, at HighKind, we believe that there are many good alternative methods of ingestion that might actually be even better.

For instance, vaping is a great way to integrate CBD into your routine because:

  • It tastes great
  • It allows you to get CBD into your system faster
  • It may increase the bioavailability of CBD, allowing more of the active ingredients to enter your system
  • You can use it at a time that’s convenient for you

There are many other ways you could include CBD in your routine too. For instance, you might use CBD oils to moisturise your skin and hair, providing a slow-release effect. You might also massage CBD into sore muscles, or eat CBD-containing foods at mealtimes.

Some people incorporate cannabidiol into their routines by taking CBD oil baths. Here, you fill the tub as you usually would. Then you add a CBD-infused bomb that slowly releases relaxing oils and fragrances that help you unwind after a long day.

How To Establish A Daily CBD Routine

Sticking to a daily CBD routine can be a challenge. So here are some of our tips for pulling it off successfully:

Slip Into A Routine Gradually

Rome wasn’t built in a day – and neither was your CBD routine. Don’t force yourself into a rigid routine from the outset. Instead, allow yourself to “lean into it.” Eventually, it will become a seamless and natural part of your day. If you miss a day, no big deal.

Find Something That Fits Into Your Current Lifestyle

You also want to apply the principle of “going with the flow” to your CBD routine by choosing something that naturally aligns with your lifestyle. For instance, if you’re always in a rush, going from place to place, then CBD vaping might be the best option for you. But if you work from home, then you might have time to prepare CBD edibles or take long soaks in CBD-infused bathwater.

Plan In Advance

Lastly, be sure to plan in advance. Prepare your CBD the night before and make it a part of your self-care routine. Try to avoid rushing things at the last minute. Make sure that you always have adequate supplies to meet your needs.

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