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Energise - CBD Vape Cartridge - 1.0g Uncut Oil- Limited Edition - Lemon Haze - 60%+ Cannabinoids

Energise - CBD Vape Cartridge - 1.0g Uncut Oil- Limited Edition - Lemon Haze - 60%+ Cannabinoids

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Extractive's CBD Distillate presents an exclusive limited-edition offering, catering to connoisseurs seeking a higher potency CBD vape experience with an exceptionally smooth, clean, and natural flavor. Crafted for discerning users, this product line is the go-to choice for those prioritizing premium-quality CBD extracts with minimal THC content. Our CBD vape oil delights the palate and offers tangible effects thanks to the refinement of our extraction and distillation techniques. We meticulously select all-natural organic hemp extracts and enrich them with cannabis-derived terpenes, resulting in CBD extracts that are simply irresistible.

Key Features of Our Lemon Haze CBD Cartridge:

  • Purely Derived from Cannabis
  • Enhanced Potency
  • Powerful Effects
  • Genuine Cannabis Taste
  • Free from Additives
  • Verified through Laboratory Analysis
  • Compatible with 510 thread
  • Encased in AVD Glass
  • Equipped with AVD Hemp Ceramic Press Tip

Overall Potency:

60-80% Cannabinoids, 10-12% Terpenes

About Our Lemon Haze Strain Profile:

Capturing the refreshing essence of lemon, Lemon Haze stands as a sativa-dominant hybrid strain renowned for its invigorating and uplifting effects. Its vibrant, citrusy aroma entices the senses, while its energizing cerebral effects unleash a surge of creativity and focus. Ideal for daytime indulgence, Lemon Haze is treasured by enthusiasts for its unique flavor profile and revitalizing attributes.

How to Use Our 510 Cartridge:

Using the Extractive CBD vape cartridge is straightforward. Simply attach the cartridge to your 510 battery, ensuring a secure fit. Inhale the vapor deeply, holding it in your lungs for approximately four seconds. Exhale and repeat this process for about fifteen minutes. If you don't feel the desired effects, consider repeating the cycle until satisfaction. Keep your cartridge replenished with replacements readily available for uninterrupted enjoyment.

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