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The Cherry Cookies CBD Distillate by Extractive provides a powerful CBD vaping experience with a smooth, clean cherry taste. It's an excellent choice for those who want high-quality CBD extracts with minimal THC levels. The pleasing taste and noticeable effects of our CBD vape oil are a result of our sophisticated extraction and distillation techniques. We only use purely natural and organic hemp extracts, and we enrich them with botanical and cannabis terpenes to craft CBD extracts that are irresistibly enjoyable.

Key attributes of our Cherry Cookies CBD Cartridge:

  • High Strength
  • Intense Effects
  • Authentic Cherry Cannabis Taste
  • No Additives
  • Laboratory-Confirmed
  • Fits with 510 Thread
  • Housed in AVD Glass
  • Fitted with AVD Hemp Plastic Tip

Total Potency: 60-80% Cannabinoids, 10-12% Terpenes

More details about our Cherry Cookies strain profile,

Delicious Flavor Combination: A Sweet and Savory Medley

Enjoy the delightful combination of juicy cherries and the soothing flavor of freshly baked cookies. The Cherry Cookies CBD Vape Cartridge offers a taste profile that is both sweet and savory, stimulating your taste buds with every puff. Each inhale brings the essence of juicy cherries and the irresistible scent of warm cookies, creating a truly exceptional vaping experience.

Superior CBD Extract: Pure Calm with Every Inhale

The Cherry Cookies CBD Vape Cartridge contains top-quality CBD extract sourced from organically grown hemp. We are dedicated to ensuring our CBD is of the highest standard, devoid of pesticides, additives, and harmful chemicals. With every inhale, experience the calming effects of pure CBD gently enveloping your senses, encouraging a state of peace and relaxation throughout your body and mind.

Improved Terpene Profile: Experience the Enticing Entourage Effect

Meticulously crafted to enhance your experience, the terpene profile in our Cherry Cookies CBD Vape Cartridge delivers a captivating entourage effect. This harmonious blend of terpenes and CBD intensifies the benefits of each other, providing an energizing and uplifting sensation. Immerse yourself in the delightful mix of flavors and therapeutic properties, enabling you to face your day with renewed concentration and positivity.

Superior Vaping Experience: Smooth and Easy

Our Cherry Cookies CBD Vape Cartridge, designed for both beginners and seasoned vape enthusiasts, provides a superior vaping experience. The cartridge is compatible with standard 510-threaded batteries, ensuring effortless compatibility and convenience. With our cutting-edge ceramic coil technology, enjoy smooth and consistent vapor production, allowing you to fully engage in the flavors and benefits of Cherry Cookies with each inhale.

Embrace Health with Cherry Cookies

Beyond its delicious taste and enticing aroma, the Cherry Cookies CBD Vape Cartridge has the potential to improve your general well-being. CBD is widely known for its natural capacity to promote relaxation, alleviate stress, and support a balanced mind and body. Allow the essence of Cherry Cookies to transport you to a state of peace, where concerns dissipate, and a sense of calm prevails.

Guidelines for using our 510 cartridge

Using the Extractive CBD vape cartridge is straightforward. Simply attach your cartridge to your 510 battery, ensuring everything is secure. Inhale the initial vapor and hold it in your lungs for about four seconds. When you're ready, exhale and repeat this cycle for about fifteen minutes. If you don't feel the desired effects, we suggest another round of the cycle until you are satisfied. Ensure to keep your cartridge filled and have some replacements on hand.

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